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I have over 12 years sales experience, from starting out at the coal face in a 100% new business sales role working in recruitment, setting up business development & CRM programmes through to setting up and delivering a Social Selling programme for a 150 people across multiple roles for a Professional Services organisation.

I have a fascination with how technology is changing the way we live and work, and I am continually striving to stay ahead in terms of understanding what the latest and technologies are, and more importantly, how they can be deployed efficiently & effectively, be it a system or a process.

We all live our lives in a social / digital environment. Buying online is becoming the fabric of society. Traditional sales techniques & approaches are being disrupted by this phenomenon, the Amazon effect if you will. More and more business to business organisations buy and will continue do so in this way.

I see Social Selling as Sales 2.0, you have to now look beyond the traditional sales techniques to remain relevant in the 21st Century, this has to be all about enabling your customer to make the purchase at the right time in their buying cycle, with you and your Brand front of mind at all time.

Our Story

Why Beyond Sales

The world in which we are living is evolving so quickly, traditional ways of how we live and work are being disrupted daily. The way your customers are buying is not immune to this disruption either. Now, universally accepted that 60% of the buyer's decision making process and due diligence will be done before the buyer even engages with a vendor. It is also proven that a large part of this buying process is conducted in through social or digital channels. Look beyond your internal sales process and understand how your customer is buying from you and how your business can support influencing them through social engagement & social selling.

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