Here a some initial questions I will try and cover off

Do I need a social selling programme?

Whether you are a small business or large corporate,  one cannot ignore the way the world is changing. Social & Digital are here to stay, therefore you need to be engaging in some form of social selling programme or training to help your business remain relevant in the 21st Century.

How do I prove the ROI on social?

This is a key challenge for a number of organisations to actually prove. Simply, it can be proven very easily, the challenge typically lies within the the systems, processes & training in place that can truly track the entire customer journey end to end. I can help you unlock this.

How will I work with Alexander?

I can work with you and your teams in whichever way suits, be it on an hourly, daily, weekly or even longer term projects. I would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your business needs, from this we can work together to create a solution that works for you and deliver a successful outcome together.